In the 5’s

“In the 5’s” is a term that Dust has used in racing the car,

But now I’m seeing that it’s becoming used more frequently in our life of running as well.

Both physically and spiritually.

You’ve heard me rehearse what Jesus said,

“The Time is coming and Now is…”several times before.

That’s because I’ve learned that this is the core of the prophetic language.

When Jesus entered the scene,

two thousand years ago, as The Word manifest in the flesh, He changed things.

Now, He is the Word manifesting in our flesh,

And His Word changes our circumstances.

Heaven enters earth that way.

The Word always makes things better.

In racing, we would get really excited as Dust would tune the car, making adjustments to go faster, and get down in the 5’s.

From the 6’s.

Originally He started with a 7 second car.

The 5’s means running in the 5 second category.

It means getting faster and faster.

Whether on the big end or small end, 5.9 or 5.0,

He’s still considered the 5’s.

As soon as he had crossed over, or broke through,

We knew we were on our way from 5.9 to 5.0!

The same is true for us in running these days.

We’ve teamed up to finish our race strong, and as I’m compelled to run behind his progress, He broke through to the 5 mile range in our allotted 45 min workout regimen,

And I soon followed.

He’s been doing the 75 Hard challenge.

That consists of a 45 minute workout, twice a day, progress pictures daily, 10 pages in a paperback self- growth book, and drinking a full gallon of water.

For 75 days!

If you miss a component, you start back over at day one.

You could say I’m just tagging along.

My heart wasn’t to complete a challenge, but rather, to lose the weight that so easily besets me. 🤨

Two, 45 minute workouts sounded like that would do it!

But God is so amazing about His multi faceted love.

When we do something He’s called us to do, it affects several other areas of life.

Not only am I losing weight, but getting faster, and stronger.

Think of shedding sin in that light.

God isn’t asking you to give up something to just lose something.

He’s asking you to surrender so that you can gain.

Faith is like muscle.

Every time you use it, it grows.

It makes your life strong in the Lord.

Not overweight with knowledge, like I was, yet lacking the discipline to use what I was feasting on for energy!

Energy breeds energy.

Sounds familiar.

Those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

It’s a principle.

The moment I broke through to 4.0 I considered it mile 5. Why?

Because I broke through!

He same way God got me to mile 4 He will continue through mile 5.

Every lap matters!

We’ve worked our way here, from there.

That’s what faith looks like.

Just as Jesus considered Himself on the other side of that lake, regardless of the storm that came, He manifested what He spoke.

God is looking at every step you take.

He’s delighted in your progress.

As soon as He saw you step into Jesus, He saw you overcome the world.

For whatsoever is born of God overcometh the world: and this is the victory that overcometh the world, even our faith. 1 John 5:4

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