Good Bones

As I was running a couple days ago, reflecting on the church, and the connections we’ve made in this season,

God began to remind me of the little jingle about the bones being connected.

“The hip bone’s connected to the….”

I began to ponder on how that applies to the Body of Christ and then came forth…

“This is the sound of dry bones rattling..”

Brothers and Sisters, The Holy Ghost is at Work!

A Greater than Elisha is here.

Jesus has Life Giving Resurrection inside of His Bones,

And we,

Are His bones!

We are connecting,

And, His Army is Rising up.

Can you hear it?

The Rattling.

The Shaking.

The Breath.

We must stop looking at death.

And start looking at the Life inside of each other.

I was stirred this past weekend on the Power in the blood of Jesus.

My buddy Mark, said that God showed him that it wasn’t all the rituals of the unleavened bread, or how bitter the herbs, but the BLOOD was what the death angel was looking for in the account of the exodus.

Are you behind the Blood?

That’s how I know if you’ve got good bones.

Just like a house, or in our case a car restoration,

We don’t look at the rust or asbestos filled dry wall-

We look at the bones of that thing.

That’s how we know that Life can come back into it again.

Mark went on to say, that as Christians, if we had been there during the time of the exodus, we would have been scrutinizing each other’s homes, and making sure every herb was bitter enough, and the lamb was roasted the way we think it should have been,

All those things had their place as the shadow and type of All Jesus is,

But death…


One thing, connected those people.

Allow the Spirit of God to connect you with His other Bones.

They don’t all look the same, but there is only one thread of Absolute through the whole body, and that is what someone has chosen to do with the Blood of Jesus!

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