Not Very Sweet

While in conversation with my in laws, I listened to their critiquing a local food joint they had experienced over the weekend.

My Father-in-law, was none too pleased, at the so called sweet tea the waitress had brought him.

“I could see it had sugar,” he said, “but it was all settled down at the bottom of the glass.”

So, my thoughts began to shift to my Body, The Lord’s Body.

I want to see things stirred up, that have just been left, settled.

Then, as He does, He seals that notion, with this just now, in my bible reading:

“Beloved, I am now writing you this second letter. In this [as in the first one], I am stirring up your untainted mind to remind you,”
‭‭2 Peter‬ ‭3:1‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Peter was stirring the settled matters.

It wasn’t something new that He was sharing with them.

Rather it was things that they had known and allowed to drop to the bottom of their thoughts,

Thus, to the world, they had become unsweetened.

Church, do you remember that we were put here to shine the Light?

Do you remember that our Forefathers of this nation, were very much separated in the matters of church and state?

They gave their lives for it.

We are here because they desired to freely WORSHIP.

Do you remember that the same way the children of Israel fulfilled their destiny to escape for Freedom of Worship, and the Egyptian system pursued to no avail,

Is the same scenario that faced the founders of this precious, free nation?

And the same is facing us now?

We, the People, have decided we want to return to truth, so there is a push against the things we are fighting for.

This very moment is our Red Sea.

We will stand still and see the Salvation of our God?

Will we Trust that He is For Us and Not Against us?

By standing Still, I don’t mean subduing to this culture.

I mean Standing on the Truth.

Being Stirred.

Reminded of who you really are, and what you really have, both spiritually and naturally.

The Light bearers always eradicate the darkness.

Where truth comes in, deception must bow.

But are we speaking Truth?

Or like that tea, have we settled into it being someone else’s responsibility to share the Truth?

I was stirred up yesterday by my Brother, Joseph Z, to tell the Truth at all cost.

Telling The Truth, is Loving my neighbor.

The Truth, sets you Free.

Free to choose whether or not you want to do something.

Not to be forced into something with the threat of losing your job, or a certain status.

Remember Shadrach, Meshack, and Abendego?

They didn’t bow.

They were unsettled about the King’s decree.

We should be too.

Remember, this is still a free nation.

Brothers and Sisters, my heart is to give us a stir, to keep it that way.

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