Heart Transplant/Swapping Motors

I was reminded of something yesterday, while listening to Joseph Z describe his gratitude for organ donors, as his wife, Heather, had received a kidney transplant.

My grandma once shared with me about the testimony of one man gaining the heart of a little girl, and describing the desire to sing certain songs he had never heard before.

He started to take on her desires.

The desires of the heart.

Jesus, gave us His heart.

That’s why our desires after receiving Him, become different.

We yearn to be like Him, and share His Love and Truth.

However, because we are still in restoration mode, sometimes we have to make adjustments.

In racing, it’s called tuning.

When you swap motors into a car, especially a big forceful motor into a small lightweight car, you have to “tune” it to match the street conditions.

Otherwise, if you have too much power, it just spins your tires.

There’s no connection to the street!

Brothers and Sisters, I confess, I need tuned.

I need an “atti-tune” if you know what I mean.

This new heart of Jesus-

to want Truth and express love,

often comes out (of my shell) with more force than faith!

More squall than connection.

And spinnin ain’t winnin!

Meekness, is that controlled power.

Jesus was, and is tuned for every occasion.

His Truth is wrapped in mercy and grace.

Take Heart this morning, if you’re spinning a little.

He’s tuning you.

Remember Peter?

How he cut the soldiers ear off, to protect Jesus?

I have done that.

I still do that.

I’m trusting Jesus- to put every maimed ear I’ve cut off, back on-

As I allow Him to tune me to speak Truth through His mercy.

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