Look For The Light

I keep hearing this over and over from my Spirit this morning:

“Look for the Light.”

It’s like in the movies as people are dying, that others say, “just look for the light.”

I sense that there is death all around in this season.

I’m not trying to sound morbid.

There has been talk of death tolls, and even this so called holiday coming up celebrates death.

But Life can always be found in The Light.

Keep looking to it.

Look to it in others.

Don’t look at their decaying flesh.

Failures and faults come from the flesh, not the Spirit.

Paul said that he was dying to his flesh daily.

So as flesh dies off in all of our lives, we are to focus on the Light that illuminates, and makes the path clear.

If you’ve ever changed eating regimens to a healthier choice, they say you experience “die off.”

Your body actually becomes sick feeling because toxins are leaving!

But the Joy set before you is a healthier you.

In the same way, Be encouraged by that today.

If you’re experiencing heavy flesh “die off” it’s just producing more of Jesus coming forth from you.

His Light is emerging.

The Greater One inside, is being revealed on the outside.

Make a call out on the Greater One inside of your brother or sister today.

Look to the Light.

Stay in the Light.

John said that if we walk in the Light as He is in the Light, then we have fellowship with one another.

Darkness is focused on death.

A black, or darkened eye is the one focused on the faults, remember?

It focuses on what’s wrong instead of what’s right.

But Jesus conquered death, and darkness had to bow.

So let’s Celebrate the Light today-

In yourself and in your brothers and sisters in Christ.

This Gigantic Light of Mine. I’m gonna let it SHINE!

There’s nothing little about His Light in us!

The darkness can not comprehend it or overtake it.

Jesus won.

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