All In How You Look At It

I felt led, at a specific moment while ago, to drop what I was doing and head to the mailbox.

Awaiting a package for my husband from my mom, I thought I knew what I would find.


It was just mail.

An electric bill and something from Empire Finance.

In which, I read, EMP… RE-finance.


You want us to refinance our home,” I suggested to the Holy Spirit, as I thought that I knew what He was saying.

Until I looked closer at what was inside.

No where, was the new, super-cheap low rate.

Instead, as I opened the envelope, I realize it’s one of those goofy, fake checks that promise me something for nothing!

A higher interest rate, if you will.

The lesson,

at the mailbox,

Was that what I saw, and what it was actually saying, were not the same.

That little yellow symbol threw me off.

This was not an invitation to refinance.

It was a sugar- coated, something for nothing offer.

It was a get-a-fast result and work it off for way longer.


Isn’t that what refinancing does as well.

Not as bad?

I say to myself.

It’s a cheaper rate…

But, it’s still, drawing interest.

What I really found in the mail…

Is my attempt to justify my hypocrisy.

God meets us where we are.

All of us.

Some of us are refinancing to get a cheaper rate than what we already have-

Gaining ground to financial freedom.

Others, are settling for a quick fix with long term deficits.

And others, own their homes that they worked towards, debt free.

That’s where I want to be.

But I’m not.

So, I shouldn’t look on the mail I received today with contempt.

A simple, no thank you, would suffice.

A Thank you God, that I’m not where I want to be, but I’m also not where I was.

A THANK YOU FATHER, for showing me what I should really see, not just what I think I see.

I hope this blesses your heart today.

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