WOR- Ship or WOR-ry

The decision is ours.

I’m looking back over some notes I jotted down a couple of years ago.

At the time I had began running, and I was starting to have some symptoms that caused me some concern.

My husband, challenged my pity, as He was putting his shoes on to run.

“You have to take authority over that,” He said.

“You have dominion.”

He was right.

Now the choice was made clear.

Do I worry, or Worship?

As I bent down to tie my shoes by faith, I heard the Spirit of God say, “Decision proceeds dominion.”

I no longer have any of those symptoms and I’m still running, an average of four miles a day!

When the leper’s chose to Worship Jesus, recognizing He was their answer, instead of recounting how sick they were, they were Healed.

They had decided to Worship.

So many are waiting on Jesus and the reality is, He’s waiting on you.

How will you respond to your circumstances?

I believe it was the blind man that told Jesus that if He was willing, he knew he would get healed.

Jesus responded with I am willing, are you?

Will you be made whole?

The choice is ours brothers and sisters.

Will we Worship or will we worry?

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