Start Here

The trailhead.

That’s what we look for when we begin to explore unknown trails in new locations.

I know I’m jumpy.. sometimes from one of our hobbies to another, in my writings, but Jesus taught like that, too.

I want to share, by Word picture what I’m sensing in my Spirit this morning..

that we are at a new trailhead.

Like John the Revelator said, not a new one, really, but newly enlightened to us.

All trails, have already been blazed.

If there’s a trail, we are following someone who already went ahead.

Although not new, the Word of God is forever being explored.

There are depths and heights and lengths and widths to it.

The Word of God, is the Love of God, to us.

Manifest, both in Jesus’ life when He walked, and now, to us being taught by the Spirit.

Of all things said about us, of all of the mistaken identity and even identity crises in this modern day culture,

We must start with what is Written.

The Greatest Prophecy ever declared is already Written.

I know that, intellectually, but do I believe every Word spoken by Him, about me, as the Truth?

Or do I allow myself and others, to define who I am?

You Say, by Lauren Daigle is coming up right now.

We sing it.

How beautiful are those thoughts.

But more than beautiful, THEY ARE THE TRUTH.

They are the map.

The Trailhead of our lives.

They are the way, we were made, and intended to live.

Just start Here 🔵

I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord,

Thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Jeremiah 29:11

He is for us.

And we also know, that it was the Love of God that deemed us worthy of His Son- the Best He had.l to give.

So, why do we allow anything other than this truth to define us?

I’m reading right now in Luke 10, where the lawyer is trying to justify who his neighbor is-

the one that he’s supposed to love, like himself.

The problem is not with who the neighbor is, the problem is truly loving yourself-

Like God loves you.

It’s the healthy, whole kind of love.

Not selfish love, which is no love at all.

That’s beef and cheese material* (it’s getting close to Elf season)

sooner or later that’s going to be exposed as fake.

Loving yourself is an honest observation of who you are.

It reflects Truth.

If we truly love ourselves with God’s love, then we can truly love others-

All of them.

Because God loves all of them.

He didn’t love you when you got good enough.

He loved you before you were ever good.

Honest love says that we had all fallen short.

But Jesus raised us back up to right standing.

That’s why no matter who that neighbor was, the outcome for him, by the heart of God was the same.

Most of us would analyze how or what he did to get himself in that mess, but God was just concerned about getting him out!

Sound familiar?

I think we were in a mess.

Jesus didn’t concern Himself with the why and how we got there.

He just came, picked us up and sat us back straight to God’s heart.

That’s the Good News.

That’s truth.

The truth is, we’ve all fallen among the snares of the thief.

But the Good Shepherd rescued us.

Check that story out.

Luke 10.

Put yourself in that man’s shoes.

Once you see how loved you are, you can live and love like God intended.

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