Looking for Sign

I sat down next to my tree, hopeful.

Then glancing over to my left, there was sign.

A rub, a deer had made.

I got excited.

I didn’t see anything else that day, but I did hear a buck grunt.

Isn’t that like our faith walk?

Those glimpses, that God’s Presence is tangible and real,

that gets us fired up for what lies ahead.

We’ve seen Him.

We’ve seen and believed the signs.

We know He’s there.

So now, the Holy Spirit reminds me, that Signs are to follow, not lead, those that believe.

Think about it.

The sign followed, what I believed to be a good spot.

I’ve set up a lot of years over sign that I spotted beforehand, but I believe God is teaching me something during this shift in season.

As we grow, we understand that we don’t need signs to believe God.

We need to believe God and the signs will follow, so that the rest of the world, can know that Jesus has been there, through us.

That deer wasn’t standing in my presence physically, but there was an awareness that he had been there.

When miracles started happening through the disciples, people would proclaim God’s glory because these men were unlearned and uneducated according to religion.

It wasn’t about them, it was about God.

They knew they had to have been with Jesus.

You and I can leave a mark for His Glory, as we find ourselves following Him.

As we spend time with Jesus, His presence in us will have signs following, to point others to where He is.

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