He Knows

Knowing all of this, Jesus one day preached boldly in the temple courts, “so you think you know me and where I come from? But you don’t know the One who sent me- The Father who is always faithful. I have not come on my own initiative. The Father has sent me here, and I know all about Him, for I have come from His presence.. John 7:28 TPT:

This was Jesus response to the residents of Jerusalem. (Read previous verses.)

They were reasoning as to who He really was.

This blesses my heart so much this morning, because I had some questions of my own, as to what may be going on with my deer hunting by faith-

Why it wasn’t working like I thought it should be, by now!

Last year my deer came opening morning!

So, the Word for me through all of this, was Let patience have her PERFECT work.

So, sure enough, I would get this in my email just now;


He always knows-

what we’re even thinking.

And I’m so blessed that HE ANSWERS!

I believe that this teaching by KCM will bless you as well.

See if you can find the confirmation to what the Spirit said through the blog yesterday…..

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