What Would You Do If You Weren’t A-“frayed”

God asked me this question, spelling it outfit me last night.


I just looked up this definition and it means to become unraveled, or torn at the edge, typically because of constant rubbing.

Can you see the spiritual picture He’s trying to paint?

Anyone felt rubbed the wrong way by our culture for quite some time?

Possibly you’ve become unraveled?

As I pondered this last night, I saw a sheep who was on the fray of the sheepfold.

It’s still there, but getting more and more isolated.

Not necessarily just from the group of sheep, but most importantly,

The Shepherd.

When we are a-frayed, we’ve become distanced from the Shepherd.

I always think of John, the One who knew he was Loved.

He was constantly close to Jesus.

He was closest to His Breast, closest to Him during His trial, while the others scattered and Peter warmed himself by the fire-

And closest, Jesus regraded, as next of Kin to take care of His own Mother when He went on to the Father.

It wasn’t Jesus that regarded him as better, but he recognized John had the revelation of his position in Him.

That closeness to Jesus, is the only thing that will produce boldness in our lives.

They were all loved the same, but John took that Love and literally ran with it.

John didn’t allow anyone or anything to separate Him from getting time with Jesus.

I assume it annoyed others, when he lingered in Jesus’ presence instead of running to whatever needed to seemingly be done.

But there came a time, when the constant rubbing of persecution and hardship caused all the others to fray.

Not John.

Jesus’ known and believed Love, thrusted John further than anyone when push came to shove.

Brothers and Sisters, I encourage or should I say, stir your hearts up today, to return to His Side.

Find your way back to the Shepherd.

Linger in His Love.

Rest in His Provision.

In due time, you’ll be thrusted to stand, but you won’t be afrayed!

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