Have You Returned?

I’ve shared multiple times about the 10 leper’s.

However, I saw something about them this morning in a different light.

Them, representing, us.

There were 10 total, that got healed.

I’ve shared that before.

That’s awesome, but the nine represent the majority of the Body of Christ, right now.

They are healed, washed clean of spiritual indifference, but not whole.

The one, who returned to Jesus with Thanksgiving for the cleansing that took place,

instead of getting wrapped up in the ministry, (or the gift they had received),

was made Whole in His Presence, and later was sent back out!

I know from experience how easy it is to get caught up in the showing off of what we’ve recieved.

Jesus even sent them to do so, by showing the priests-

But something was different about this one.

He came back to Thank Jesus.

He returned to the joy of His Salvation-

And, he became whole.

Have you returned?

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