When They Come Around….

God is in the business of getting people where they need to be.

It’s as if I can hear His strong, yet gentle voice saying,

“Places everyone…,”

As He moves and orchestrates the moments in History...

Take for instance the birth of Jesus-

the long awaited arrangements made.

The Wise men who maybe weren’t 100% wise.

They were looking for a King where the King should have been welcomed.

Seemed right.

In a palace, in Jerusalem.

This is the first time I have ever noticed that Herod was King of the Jews

The very people who had been told this day would come.

However, Herod worshipped himself, so he wasn’t even looking-

For a New King.

That is until his kingdom and fame were threatened by this new born the Wisemen inquired about.

So even though the wiseman weren’t working with full capacity, The Perfect Director, maneuvered them around by a star, and a dream to their places in History.

They finally came around, to the right place and time..

I also saw for the first time, that their gifts were strategic.

Most likely setting Jesus up for the provision of His lifetime.

Talk about a baby shower!

They provided right down to the myrrh that would be used in His death and sacrifice.

That brings me to another group of people, a little later on in the scenes of Jesus life.

His family.

Aggravated, that Jesus was choosing ministry over the family, Mary and His brothers call for Him to stop what He’s doing and heed them.

Jesus responded with “who are my mothers and brothers but those who do the will of God.”

Jesus was tempted in all areas yet without sin.

He knows what it feels to have family drama.

Again, His own brothers make fun of Him and tell Him He should go parade Himself, as the jealously attack his gathering of people and crowds.

But then,

They too, came around.

After the cross we see Mary and the brothers in the upper room.

So take Joy today in His precious life, laid out for all to see.

His presence, not just presents, while He walked the earth gives us the direction in which to go.

Jesus is Famous for revealing the Father’s patience with people, as He directs our lives.

So, who am I to get disheartened?

Maybe you’ve found yourself on a detour, like the Wisemen.

You too, may have been looking for Jesus in a palace or an institution where He should have been.

There may have even been people there with titles that would cause you to think they had the answers.

But they didn’t.

They were too busy becoming famous themselves to bother looking for the Real King.

But God never lost track of even the wisest of men.

So, keep looking.

He won’t lose sight of you either.

Stay the course with Him, even if it causes you to detour.

Maybe you’re in a difficult season with family, like Jesus was with His.

Maybe they don’t understand why you seem distanced from them and engaged in other’s lives, right now.

Be patient.

God will see to it that they come around.

Keep speaking Truth, in Love, regardless of popularity.

It wasn’t a contest to Jesus.

It was a matter of Obedience.

Life and Death.

He kept His focus on the One who was directing.

We should do the same.

In this stage of life, no matter where we find ourselves positioned, we can follow the Star.

King Jesus.

He’s still giving direction.

And He’s still turning lives around.

Glory to God in the Highest!

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