Horse, Then Cart…

I was led to the Book of Acts this morning, after asking the Holy Spirit some questions.

Where are we in this moment of time?

What are we supposed to be doing?

Upon hearing, yet, another message on our purpose, and finding what it is.?

So, like He does, He points to Jesus and what He has Already said.

I’m reading from the Passion Translation and this Chapter is written to The Lovers of God.

I take that personal.

Jesus instructed the Apostles to wait at Jerusalem until they had received the gift He was sending.

The Holy Spirit.

As I read that, asking where I fit into this, I heard Him say,

“Horse, then cart.

Most eager believers want to go straight into ministry, putting the cart before the horse!

I was one of them.

But Jesus said, wait.

He wanted to fill them up on the inside, before he sent them outside.

Then the next line of business, we see in Acts 1, was the unification of the believers who obeyed, and waited.

They were all praying in one accord.

And like I said last post, we find that Mary and Jesus brothers had also come around!

They were among the 120.

I wonder what they were praying?

I’m thinking they were reminding themselves and each other of the Words of Jesus.

They put into practice what He had said about relationships and forgiveness.

They had had an offense and betrayal by Judas.

They needed to deal with that matter, so they did.

They needed wisdom to choose someone to take his place.

And, they needed the grace to move on!

Judas had been a part of them.

He started with them, and then He betrayed the Love of their lives-

Betraying them.

So many, including myself get hung up in relationships that didn’t go as planned.

But they simply moved on.

Focusing on the future, not the past.

They looked forward to what Jesus was doing and they put someone else in the place Judas chose to let go of.

It can be a hard thing to trust again where we’ve been broken.

But as we allow Father to call the shots and lead us into right relationships, we can trust again.

Just like Elijah, we can feel let down and become disillusioned to the Truth, that there are always more with us then them.

Don’t become once bitten, twice shy.

Jesus called us to be twice loved!

If one man asks for a mile, go two.

Keep moving forward.

That’s the way Jesus did it and we are followers of Him, right?

I pray, United with you, that this year is full of the Holy Ghost.

That God has been strengthening you with His power as you’ve waited in His presence.

Then, just like the apostles, we are emboldened to turn the world upside down for His Glory.

Jesus is coming back.

Let’s be about the Father’s business in bringing many sons and daughters back to the family.

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