Do…you, (Will) You Say What I Say?

That decision could bring life or death.

Every day we have the opportunity to choose life.

It lies in the power, or in the hands, of our tongue.

Prophetically speaking, what I decide to say, if I’m hearing what I perceive to be a Word from God, could change the direction of someone’s life.

Including my own.

It’s not always easy to say what Father says, when there is a residue of the fear of what people may think-

But if we choose to overcome that fear, lives are changed.

It’s the same for every individual believer on a personal scale.

Like, Remember last year when Father told me I did NOT have Covid.

I had a decision to speak what I heard.

I’m reminded of that right now, as I am battling some symptoms in my body.

The same Word applies.

Only, I didn’t hear the same kind of “anointed” Word, the way I perceived it, last year,

but the Holy Ghost reminded me last night that Jesus spoke a Word, and it is written,

By His stripes I am Healed!

So, will I say it?

Sometimes we need a supernatural nudge like what I had last year.

A personal Word, if you will.

But now, I’m being challenged to go solely by what is Written.

That Written Word bears the same anointing.

Life is in the Word.

Life is in the Word, that you and I say.

Brothers and Sisters, it’s no longer business as usual.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the heat is on.

As I hear of reports of others falling by my side, I find it my responsibility to say something.

First to my own life, and then, speaking life to others.

God reinforced this the other morning when I heard Him Say, Grow Big, or Go Home.

It’s not enough to just parrot what others are saying about what He said.

We’re seeing the casualties from that.

We have to have a personal understanding of our covenant.

A Direct Word, revealed.

I don’t count on my friends and family to know my insurance coverage.

Neither should you.

Get to Know the Word, Himself.

Find your life in His and then say what you hear and see Him saying.

That’s how the Light permeates and overcomes the darkness.

The time is Now.

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