Having Done All: STAND

I realize I’m all over the place with my blogs.

One day we’re cleaning for the Appraisal and the next I’m encouraging you to Stand after you’ve done everything else-

Not that it was that tough of a job to clean the bathroom!

No, we got hit with an onslaught of dis-ease that tried coming to hang out.

So, just like Jesus ministered no matter where or what He found Himself up against, you’re in good company.

Life happens.

Life is dirty.

God recently spoke to my heart, before, I experienced a certain thought, that A good Father doesn’t clean his children with more dirt,

But He washes them with water!

We’re often bullied into thinking that when bad things happen in our lives, it’s because we must have done something wrong.

That God is washing our lives by putting bad things upon us.

But the Truth is, sin brought in dirt.

All the dirt.

Everything was good, very good before that initial moment of transgression.

The Bible says that every good and perfect thing, comes from the Father.

Not every thing.

We have to understand that we live in a fallen world.

What our Father has given us, is the power to get clean!

Clean through the Word.

Most of us just want to pray a simple prayer and be done.

Then we wonder why the thing lingers.

But a tough stain takes some elbow grease.

That’s what Jesus does for us, but we have to be in agreement with Him.

As I laid in bed contemplating this yesterday, I was reminded of how Jesus is praying for us.

I wanted to call a friend.

Then I was stirred up that I already have the greatest of friends praying.

But hasn’t He already done everything?


So why is He praying?

He’s interceding, according to Romans 8.

Reminding the Father of what He did and trying to remind us!

I get the picture while Jesus was walking the earth.

The boys were praying for the demon possessed boy, and Jesus had to intercede.

Their unbelief was in the way.

Jesus began to unravel the knot in their thinking that had them bound.

They were seeing the thing, bigger than who Jesus said they were.

Sometimes that happens to us.

Instead of feeding on His Faithfulness, like David was doing out in the field,

we have our eyes on Goliath day after day.

The same war was present to all, but there was a difference in where David put his focus.

His focus was on God.

Their focus was on the flesh.

God loved David, but he still had to face an attack!

Paul was loved by God but still got shipwrecked and snakebit!

The emphasis is on the overcoming of it.

What does the result look like, after you’ve stood.

Are you still standing?

Or did you allow life to knock you down?

I was reminded of a movie we watched recently.


It was based on the true story of one man’s amazing will to survive.

From the beginning we can see that all the hard knocks from life, shaped him into the Survivor he became.

It was all those little moments that led to the final stand.

Where, against brutality and the temptation to just give up and die,

He stood.

And stood.

And, when all was done,

He was left standing.

Not long after that, came the complete breakthrough.

Brothers and Sisters, no matter what or who you face today,

Keep Standing.

Stand in the Righteous Blood of Jesus, fully aware that you’re loved.

Feed on His Faithfulness.

If you have to, stir yourself up.

A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but take a stand, or keep on standing in the Truth that it cannot come near you!

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