On The “Virge”

I apologize for not finishing this.

I’ve been dragging my feet.

I already repented to Father this morning.

It was day before yesterday-

That again, I was meditating on a scene from Tombstone.

Wyatt’s brother Virgil was having a hard time, keeping freedom to himself.

Sure- he wanted a break from the family business of keeping outlaws at bay, but he just couldn’t “sit around and make money in this town with all the people dying around him.”

Father, is that me?

It’s great that I’m experiencing freedom.

That I know who I am.

That all the “Johnny Tyler’s” of hell’s kingdom can just stand in front of me and me not be aware, because of their unimportance in my life, compared to the authority I’ve been given..

(I’ve seen the real parade of the Champion of Heaven)

But is it enough just for me to know it?

Or, am I selfish?

Peter had the same struggle when He had seen Jesus raised and victorious, and yet still, chose to live like he had before…

with a closed up life shop, the sign hanging from his heart, … gone fishin!

Brothers and Sisters, if you’re in my boat today, with Peter…

“I think it’s the Lord.”

We’re hearing His Voice.

And Jesus is saying, like He did to Peter:


Third time must have been the charm for Peter, but He got it together.

Jesus told him that he would no longer live for himself, but for others.

That was the 100 fold of the 30, 60…. all in measure.

The overcoming by the Blood, the Testimony and now, not loving our own lives… even unto the death.

Peter surrendered.

We are blessed today because he picked up the torch from Jesus.

Will we?

The time is coming, and now is!

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