Don’t Cut the Crap?

Paul actually used the word dung- when referring to all the organic matter released from his life that he once held dear and important. Check out Philippians 3.

I think there was an emphasis on the term, much like this one we hear and use today.

It may not be religiously correct, but it gets the point across.

As you can see, I’m also rather focused on organic matter:

The things that we are consuming and eliminating every day of our lives.

They matter!

They matter to us,

and to others.

I was so pumped to see this in my gardening email, a day after reading a testimony from Brother Benny Hinn, on the matters in his life that he chose to share-

Or in composting terms, return to the soil!

The soil is our heart.

He allowed his organic matters, the things that had been rather crappy in life, to be sown into others by letting go of the waste and holding fast to the benefits.

Most of the time, the opposite happens in a church setting.

We refuse to let go.

We don’t want to talk about these matters.

We put on the best face and hide all the dirty things.

But Brothers and Sisters, life happens.


Things that just come from what we’ve put into our lives.

Some chosen.

Some not chosen.

But matter happens.

This may offend religious thinking.

I get it.

But I know from experience, Jesus wants your heart,

Not your fake fruit!

You can’t grow real fruit without real matter!

My encouragement is this:

Let the Holy Ghost go over that information above with you.

Really examine the garden of your life, and then the bigger garden, you find yourself in with others.

Gardens can represent relationships.

Think back to the first garden.

What God really wanted, wasn’t just a man to tend his ground, but a relationship of working together.

In like terms, today, He doesn’t just want one man to work his church, but rather, we work together as a body.

Every part supplying.

When we don’t really get to the matters of life in fellowship, it robs the soil.

Not only ours, but those around us as well, and we grow unhealthy or minimal fruit.

Matters happen.

We have to deal with them as they come.

When we do, with God, it enriches the soil in our life, and our byproducts can then benefit others.

What is it that God may be prompting you to share?

Don’t waste your testimony.

It could be that gap between victory or defeat for your brothers and sisters following behind you.

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