Stain Removal

I have a working man.

Along with my working man, comes dirty, stained, jeans.

I’m dependent on a stain remover for the majority of his wash.

I needed this illustration today.

Sometimes, even long after the job has been done, without the right remover, the stain still shows.

Even if it’s faint, it’s a reminder it’s there.

I don’t know who Jesus is speaking to besides me, but the Blood did a thorough cleanse.

It removed the stain of sin.

All sin.

If you want to see a spiritual commercial, so to speak,

the result of the Blood,

look at the Apostle Paul.

His stain was murder.

Not just murder, but the murder of Christians.

Then He got cleansed!

He was called to go minister to those same people.

Talk about stain removal.

What washed away His stains?

“Nothing but the Blood of Jesus.”

He couldn’t, nor could they see his old life anymore.

The stain was GONE!

He even boldly declared that he had wronged no man!

If you’re dealing with old stains today, I want to encourage you to apply the Blood of Jesus.

Allow His Word of redemption to wash away the stains in your mind.

It’s starts with what you believe.

You aren’t who you once were.

You’re brand new.

Justified in His presence.

Holy and without blame.

Just as Jesus spoke over the woman caught in Adultery, He says to us,

“Children, where are your accusers?”

It’s not Jesus.

He’s not accusing you, He’s interceding for you…

Reminding Father, and reminding you of the Stain Removal of His precious Blood.

You have wronged no man.

Live accordingly❤️

Shout it out!

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