Looking Up

Things may not be looking up,

But I am.

Sunday before last I had dropped Peyt off for Worship practice before church…

(This just in…. this whole revelation is just that.. worship practice!)

It’s not that they need practice worship.

It’s that they are setting their hearts to help lead others with excellence into the Presence of God.

With that being said, I drove out of the parking lot, and grabbed for my phone.

I usually call my friend and we chat about the Word of the Lord.

“Put it down,” I sensed Him nudging.

So then, I move my hand towards the radio.

To worship, I thought.

But I sensed to keep that quiet as well.

Then, I began to look up.

All morning I had been drawn to the sun.

It was beautiful, not to mention warm, on a cold day.

But then came the lyrics up from my Spirit.

“Who taught the sun, where to stand in the morning?”

Every. Morning-

I became aware.

Suddenly I was overjoyed by His faithfulness.

No one else on earth caused that to happen.

As much as well meaning people in my life try to

love me, they don’t produce my light everyday.

I realize, not every day is sunny.

But every day, He brings light without fail.

So, I didn’t know if that was just for me, or for someone, until the next day.

Again, I read my devotional about the sun and the stars being what Father used to draw a fellow believer out of depression.

Depression is brought on by perspective.

Focusing on the wrong things.

Ask me how I know.

Fast forward to this Sunday, and our worship leader stands and gives the same Word!

He reminded us of Elisha and how he had to help his servant see what was really going on. 2 Kings 6

Yes. They were surrounded by darkness.

The enemy had invaded.


They had angels that surpassed the count of the army.

And so do you.

Remember when Abraham was told by God to look up, at the stars?

It’s because God needed to get his attention off of his circumstances and onto how big GOD was!

That’s what Worship does.

So, as we look to the sun, it’s Worship practice.

We see, and are in awe of the Glory of God…

It’s causing us to become aware of the need to keep looking up.

Soon is coming the day, that as we’ve practiced, we will see the SON, as we keep LOOKING UP.

And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh. Luke 21:27

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