The Last Chain is Breaking

It wasn’t long ago, that our Pastor gave the example of the unrenewed mind, in the allegory of an elephant that had been chained to a branch from birth.

While small, it couldn’t budge.

The captors knew that when it was grown, it had to be held captive in that small mindset or it could break free and escape.

We know, in reality, that an elephant, fully grown, has more than enough ability to break a branch.

But did the elephant know it’s capacity?

How about you and I?

What have we been chained to in our thoughts since birth?

I learned yesterday that a lot of my mentality was still rooted in things that happened long ago.

As much as I wanted free from that, it was impossible, while I still saw the present and future circumstances of my life through those lenses.

The lens of love I looked through was performance.

Good performance = being loved.

Bad performance = no longer loved.

That’s a lie.

Jesus proved, up front, He loved us totally apart from what we do.

It was while we were still sinners, Jesus died.

He set us up for good works, yes, but doesn’t love us because of them.

Just like my own children, who have a heaping amount of gifts, if they aren’t using them at the time, doesn’t mean I love them any less.

That’s a decision on my part.

They came into this life having done nothing.

We, as born again believers are no different.

We were born of God’s doing.

His heart.

Not our own works.

We can rest in that Love.

When we do, our hearts are positioned to freely walk out what He has planned all along.

Break free from that small mindset today.

You have Jesus.. and He is more than enough to break those chains!


And it can’t hold you!

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