Slide of Hand

BUSYNESS: Being Under Satan’s Yoke

“It’s the same as slide of hands,” God said, as I pondered on all the activities in my life at the moment.

Think about a magic show.

The trickery happens when the attention gets refocused.

It’s as simple as the incident with Mary and Martha.

It happens all the time-

Even in the family of Christ.

Mary’s undivided attention was on Jesus, and her well meaning sister, wanted to pry her away by getting busy-

Taking care of Jesus.

Last time I checked, it’s supposed to be the other way around.

Mary recognized that Jesus had what she needed.

Martha took a while to get to that point.

Jesus reminded her, “Didn’t I tell you… that if you could believe…”

concerning her brother’s resurrection,

because she was chronically preoccupied.

I say chronically, because I don’t believe we desire to miss Jesus on purpose.

It’s the series of the slide of hands.

There are things that appear spiritual, but rob us of the truth.

Mary’s surrendered position in every day life,

(what she did when she wasn’t at church,)

depicted what she believed in her heart.

She was in truth, attentive to Jesus.

But it didn’t look that way to Martha.

Her idea of believing,

was doing for, Jesus, not receiving from Him.

How we spend our other days of the week with Jesus, will determine the outcomes in our lives-

Not just what we do for Him in Sunday service.

Whether we receive what He has for us, or decline it by default- distraction, is a choice that comes from how we engage with Him on a daily basis.

Check out this confirmation from Jeremy Pearsons that I literally just got in the mail.

A confirmation or witness is to help get this established in our hearts.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

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