The Onions Are Worth It

“And I plead with Euodia and Syntyche to settle their disagreement and be restored with one mind in our Lord.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:2‬ ‭TPT‬‬

Seems to me that I could have written about the “onion patch” before, but it’s fitting and ministering to me again today.

It was a hot summer day last year, when Dust and I were overwhelmed with weeds in the onion patch.

But I love onions.. wait, that’s a term that I don’t want to use lightly,

I very much, like onions.

(So does my momma.)

We had worked hard to plant them, so I pleaded to give the weed reduction a try.

We both started on a different end of the row.

Little by little, the weeds decreased, and the fruit revealed itself once again.

(It was always there, but could barely be seen through the choking of the weeds. Mark 4)

We had a decent crop.

Totally worth it!

God taught me a lot that day, in that onion patch.

Much like these two women noted above, our relationships can seem spread apart and overweeded.

It can look like too much work, and not enough fruit to bother tending to it.

But as you can see, through Paul’s writing, God cares.

It’s easier to get overwhelmed and quit.

No denying that.

But it’s so much more fruitful and beneficial to do the work and see the harvest.

Did you know that onions are excellent for toothaches and a variety of other ailments.

Not to mention atop a heaping bowl of chili,

Or as a bouquet for my mom! Lol!?

We could have lost those benefits.

The relationships you’re tending may not look like they are worth it, but God actually uses how we interact with each other, as a drawing board for the world.

He displays His love through us.

Remember how Jesus said the world would know we are His by how We love each other?

I want to encourage you, like Paul did these women with crazy names, to work on your onion patches.

See, the key is starting on our own end.

Pulling the weeds from our own lives.

I can assure you, that as I was pulling the weeds in my area, I didn’t have time to look at what Dust was getting accomplished.

We overcame as soon as we made the decision to start.

Little by little we met in the middle.

Sounds like a country song:

“I’ll start walking your way, you start walking mine. We’ll meet in the middle beneath that ole Georgia pine. We gain a lot of ground, if we both give a little… there ain’t no road too far… if we meeeeeet in the middle.”

Looks like it’s time to Garden, loved ones.😉

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