Free Coffee

There’s a gas station in our town, one of three, that I enjoy coffee from.

They have butter pecan cappuccino.

It’s my favorite.

And, the past few times, if I walk up to the counter, with only the coffee in my hand,

they ask if that’s all.

When I say yes, they say, “just take it.”

So, the other day, I walked up, expecting,

them to give it to me.

I questioned my motive.

Was that manipulating?

Then God began to deal with my heart about the man who sat begging. (Acts 3:1)

He fastened his eyes on Peter and John, expecting.

Now, he was expecting alms, but they perceived that he had faith for healing.


Because of his position.

He realized they had something he wanted-

Even in his limited understanding.

He wanted money.

That’s what he had been used to getting from people for help.

But they had what he desired most.

Remember the lady who built the room in her house for the prophet?

He had what she desired- a son.

I’m stirred this morning to fasten my eyes on My Father.

I’m in a position of expectation.

And He, knows my deepest desires.

He showed me with the simplicity of my favorite coffee.

That I have a limited understanding of what He desires to give me.

But today I’ll make the trade for the small minded, to the greatest of my desires.

How about you?

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