The Birds and The Bees

We need to have a talk…

About the birds and the bees.

I actually started telling you about the birds the other day.

The birds are a reminder of God’s daily provision.

They’ve done nothing to earn or conjure up the blessing over their lives.

Father just simply cares for them.

As a matter of fact, I hear them chirp while it’s yet dark, because they expect provision to come in the morning.

The last couple I’ve seen are quite chubby.

They are well cared for.

It could even be the dog food they snatch, that I’ve evidently worked with God to provide for them, out of our dog’s helping!

None the less, they are fed.

Then there’s the bees.

We were not only blessed with a hive, but the information for their care, through a new friendship, and a couple of days ago, those sweet friends blessed us with their extra honey!

Now that’s exceedingly abundant.

Let me tell ya about that though.

We had a choice not long ago, to hoard our remaining honey, or share it.

We shared it.

And we reaped a harvest!


It wasn’t about the honey.

It was about our hearts.

This teaching on the birds and the bees reveal something about our trust.

Trust is determined by the Truth we know, and believe.

My husband chose to trust God with his bees this winter.

A lot of people do all sorts of things to maintain their hives, but God reminded Dust that He alone, takes care of the birds and the bees.

Other bed keepers were shocked that our bees made it.

What a sound and sight to go check for them after the days of hard freezing.

But there they were, kept!

And so are you Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Trust our Father’s care for you.

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