This Bud’s For You

I can’t tell you how over- the-top excited I get for the newness of life I start to see in the Spring.

I would say it’s because of some winter experiences in my life that seemed to have held on for way too long.

As I ran today, I happened by a thorn bush, in which I immediately thought of my Lord, and that wretched, mocking, crown.

I was fully aware that He embraced that for me.

Then shortly after, came the beautiful, green, budding tree to my attention.

That’s when I heard the statement,

“This Bud’s For you.”

It’s a catchy phrase from a worldly point of view, but my God can use anything to get someone’s attention.

The newness of life I was seeing came shortly after, what symbolized pain.

There’s no coincidence that Spring- time is the season of the celebration of our Lord and King’s resurrection,

yet the multiple “rabbit trails” take the focus away from what’s really taking place.

Darkness thought it had won.

Our Victory looked dead.

Up until now, the winter season left all things appearing dead,

But there had been life in it all along.

Jesus’ resurrection raised every dead thing back to life.

This bud, it’s for you.

It’s a reminder that no matter how dead a situation looks,

No matter how long the winter has tried holding on,

There is life in there.

And it’s coming forth.

There’s no more life when the bud is in full bloom.

So why not Praise Him now?

I’m excited about the new life I see everywhere- because of my heightened awareness to it.

I’ll be giving you a tour of the new baby tomato sprouts soon.

Yet, another indicator that fresh life is coming on strong.

The Life Seed, of all life, (whatever is needed) is inside of you Brothers and Sisters.

The Same Overcoming Seed that Raised Jesus from that grave.

I thought about the world’s way of seeking toy eggs to find a prize.

The real seeking that took place that day, was in a tomb, that they found empty…

But that empty tomb filled our lives with every sweet thing.

Now we have a well of salvation.

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for the Newness of Life that is a constant, because you chose to embrace those thorns.

Because of His Love, This Bud’s For You!

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