How Do We Pray?

“One day, as Jesus was in prayer, one of his disciples came over to him as he finished and said, “Would you teach us a model prayer that we can pray, just as John did for his disciples?””
‭‭Luke‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭TPT‬‬

I was intrigued by this request as I read it this morning.

Teach us, He told JESUS,

how to pray,

Like John taught his disciples.

That bothered me.

But not Jesus.

He went ahead and met them where they were.

Jesus was and is GREATER than John.

But isn’t it like us, to want to do what we see others doing?

We compromise the Presence of the Real for a copycat version?

Kind of like the people who wanted a King,

when they already had One.

We get so caught up in how other ministry’s work, or how Grandma prayed, or how sister so and so is so spiritual,


We are counted worthy to talk to JESUS.

But then, after meeting them there, without rebuke,

He went on, to later share with those same disciples,

that they could speak directly to their Father!

And this changed the way I saw it even now.

The scripture today, was what Kind of Father would give his child a serpent instead of the fish they asked for? Luke 11- somewhere.

That’s my translation.

But my point is,

We have A FATHER who not only knows our needs and desires, but who exceeds All limitations of a natural father.

I can remember my first experience with this revelation.

My daddy and grandpa owned a car business.

Then I married a car man.

But when I started to desire a mini- van, I knew that only my Father God knew the ins and outs and what was under the hood.

He knew what would be Best For me…


He showed me in my desire, what it is to experience,

like Romans 12:2 says,

The Good, The Acceptable, and the Perfect,

Will of God.

I Went through three different vehicle choices in a matter of a year to find what He wanted for me.

Just like the stages of a caterpillar’s life.

It’s born. It goes into a cocoon. It emerges a New Creature.

It goes from crawling to soaring-

From merely being alive and in its original state, to becoming something completely different and even more glorious.

A butterfly can cover more territory than a caterpillar!

The heart here, Is Father’s.

He wants you and I to soar.

To become fully functional in His Fathering.

You don’t have to pray like anyone else.

You just need to be aware of who is on the other end of that prayer.

He Loves you.

He desires to Father You.

All He’s looking for is your heart trusting He knows and wants what’s Best For you.

This relationship between Father and Son was how Jesus lived the life He did on the earth.

He lived. (Caterpillar)

He was buried. (Cocoon)

And He rose, Victorious. (Butterfly)

Let us too, live the perfect will of God.

To His Glory-

And because His Blessed Life is the Best life!

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