Flattery Is Not Your Friend

I heard this on Sunday afternoon.

I was actually thinking about when Peter rebuked Jesus and told Him, “be it far from You, Jesus to die…..”

This seemingly friend– like advice was in reality, a threat to our destiny that Jesus knew He came to provide.

What Peter was saying was, “you’re too good for that Jesus.”

Jesus then turned and rebuked satan, who was tangled in Peter’s words.

The source behind what was said, was not friendly.

It was a foe.

Flattery wants to kill your destiny.

Not long after that, I was led to Acts 16 where there is a familiar situation that takes place.

For days, a slave girl is causing a commotion while Paul is trying to stare the gospel.

What she said was right.

They were men of God.

If Satan can’t outright beat the church, he’ll join it.


Attaching himself to someone to tear down the influence by getting attention diverted- to self.

He doesn’t care who people are looking at as long as it’s not Jesus.

So he flatters.

However, when we look to Jesus, were transformed to look more like His destiny.

We then start loving not our own lives, unto death.

Next time someone tells you to think about you, look at Jesus.

He’ll give you discernment on whether they are really a friend or a foe.

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