Happy Mother’s Day

Her children RISE UP and call her, Blessed.

Mother’s Day for me was on Friday.

The Proverbs 31 scripture that would be read on Mother’s Day during service,

Was being displayed here in my home.

I was fighting an attack of the mundane.

Feeling stuck in the house with what looked like little to no avail in the kingdom,

And fretful that I had somehow missed my calling in life.

It showed in my emotions.

I was crabby and irritated.

So, my son, rose up, and called me, BLESSED!

He reminded me of who I am.

He took my bible and I downstairs to a teaching on Tv that I had started watching during laundry the day before.

“Momma, you need to hear this, He said.”

George Pearsons was on with Gloria, sharing about Keith Moore’s charge to Thanksgiving and Praise.

“The depth of your seed is determined by the Praise cultivating it.”


My seed hadn’t even had the chance to break ground.

I wasn’t praising, I was murmuring in my own heart.

What the enemy wanted me to believe, was that my strategic placement by my Father, homeschooling my children and taking care of my husband were not making an impact.

But action speaks louder than words.

That message of the Proverbs 31 woman was being acted out around here.

I don’t see it as my children and husband rising up to flatter me, but rather to hold me to the Standard of the Word.

The Truth of Who I am and who I was made to be.

Yes, Praise Jesus, The Word is working here, in this place.

I encourage you today, dear brothers and sisters: Cultivate your soil.

Make it rich bedding, by your praise, for the Infallible Word to take root!

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