I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase that when you point a finger at someone you have four others pointing back at yourself?

God shared a similar phrase with me while running the other day, and thinking on sharing something with someone else.

Yus, is a combination of you and I.

I’m speaking to you, but including myself.

Jesus said not to try and get a speck out of your eye, without my having the log purged from mine.

That was I can see clearly for Yus!

So as I began to pray, somewhat presumptuously for another, God asked if I had that down for myself.

Then I began taking His Word for Yus!

What I saw that needed changing in another, I began examining for my own life, in several areas.

One of the heaviest things on my heart at the time, was watching others caving under pressure.

I had remembered a time in my life when I was tempted, to save myself.

Similar to Peter telling Jesus, “far be it from Him to go to the cross,” I had people telling me that the easy road look like the best way to travel.

But when I looked to Jesus, and His response, He rebuked that suggestion and went on to accomplish the task at hand.

Well meaning people have good intentions for us.

But are they God’s intention for us?

This was my example when God began to deal with Yus.

My daughter is homeschooled.

I think I may have shared how when we hit a bump in the road in seventh grade, we both prayed in the Spirit, allowing God to supply our need to understand a subject.

Now, she’s a Freshman in an advanced Algebra class, and my peers, and hers, both sympathetically suggested that we quit and go a different route.

I took the suggestion before the Lord and He reminded me of the first testimony.

He also reminded me of this, on a day that I was running-

in the middle of the day,

while the sun was scorching,

for me not to stop short-

just because it was hard.

Grace had accomplished for me before, so Grace can accomplish again.

And He did.

I ran my run.

Maybe it wasn’t as fast, but it was complete.

Would God still love me if I had chosen to stop shy?


But did I gain the benefits of His Grace accomplishing the best for me?


More times than not, Holy Spirit is trying to get to our hearts, by a speck in someone we see.

Before attempting to remove it, we need to do inventory.

Then we can take our testimony and challenge our brother and sister with the same word for Yus!

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