We planted the hydrangeas in this picture last year.

All the same size.

The one you see, first,

The robust, bigger and fuller one,

is right by the faucet,

And it catches the water that we use to water other things.

It caught my attention the other day, as I compared the sizes.

Of course I would see this, after God had been dealing with me on the growth of things.

I had recently watched others’ rose bushes, seemingly take off as soon as Spring turned the page,

Yet mine, were still green and just barely budding.

He reminded me, of what happens, when roots are given time to go deeper-

and the cut back from last year, thrusts the fruitfulness into double the beauty.

This is what I see now.

To my other side, of the front porch is the focal point of the day.

The first picture of the hydrangea.

The one on the end furthest from the spout, is the smallest.

It looks to be 30% of the others.

It’s still growing and still healthy, just not as full.

So, Holy Spirit nudges me with the understanding of how important water is.

The Bible says that we are washed by the water of the Word.

Just like this plant, the more I allow the water of the Word to soak in, even indirectly, the fuller and richer I become.

What do I mean by indirectly?

The scripture that has come up just now to describe this, is one of my favorites, and seems to be the banner Word of my life right now:

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.” —Proverbs 11:25

Sometimes, just like when I’m sharing water with my others plants, excess, overflows and causes even greater growth!

You don’t even realize what you’re doing sometimes when you’re generous with the Word.

I don’t know how many times I’ve experienced blessing by giving someone a Word and having that same Word come back at work for me!

In a supernatural manner.

Just today, I was washing my car, and ran into a gentleman with a testimony about how God got him his perfect vehicle…


I was just going to go browse for the desire of my heart, but because of His testimony, I was led to wait.

That’s how God operates.

We allow the watering of His Word to saturate



Of our lives.

This is the richer, fuller way of life-

Dwelling in this secret place-

the place of overflow

The place of letting the Word flow-

First to us and then to others,

We can become most fruitful.

We start walking in the maximum potential.

So, that just like my questioning this hydrangea and wondering what the secret is to it’s success among the others-

When others see the fruitfulness of our lives,

We can say, it comes from dwelling in the secret place! Psalm 91

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