To Do List: Worship ✔️

“Then on that day David first entrusted to Asaph and his relatives to give thanks to the LORD [as their chief task].”
‭‭1 Chronicles‬ ‭16:7‬ ‭AMP‬‬

David appointed these folks,

rather entrusted,

these leaders to what he called a chief task:

“On that day…” it said.

Today, is that day, for you and I.

If you find yourself in what you would call a big wig position,

Or leading from your home as a parent,

Or simply leading your emotions!-

You’re greatest, most crucial task, is to bow low.

Remember where your flesh ranks, in comparison to His Mighty Spirit in you.

Focus on His feats, not your failures.

Feast on His Favor, not your lack.

Every praise, is to our God.

When we get our eyes off of us and on to the I AM, everything we need becomes available and every Praise belongs to Him!

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