Assurance of the Insurance

As I pilfered through Psalm 91 a couple of days ago,

I heard this immediately.

“You need to be assured of the insurance.”

I pray this Psalm daily over my life and some other’s ministries and families,

But the Lord was reminding me of the need to not become familiar with His Word, but rather, assured of it.

Ingest each line.

Each Word.

In the same manner of reviewing your insurance policy.

Sadly, I couldn’t tell you what coverage I have in detail.

I have a vague understanding of my policy, but I’m not assured by any means.

I can’t afford to be that way with the Word.

If I’m to dwell in the secret place,

as a requirement for the rest of the promises to be activated,

then that means I’m fixed there as a permanent residence.

It would be no different to assume that I have coverage while dwelling somewhere that’s not my home!

When I get out into strife and fear and confusion, I’ve stepped outside of the covered area.

If I have chosen to do so.

With this particular policy, Holy Ghost makes me aware that I’m wandering and brings me back to the Word.

Kind of like those beepers that let you know you’re too close to another car, or about to run off of the road.

But if I choose to silence His warning and do my own thing, I’ve now decided to walk out of the secret place.

And coverage is no longer activated.

Not that it’s not available, but I’m choosing to cancel due to negligence.

But brothers and sisters, I believe better of you.

We are dwelling:

Let’s not be aquatinted with, but rather assured of every benefit of our Great Coverage.

He is Worthy of us being aware of His Accomplishments!

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