Active Duty

“H E MUST TURN AWAY FROM WICKEDNESS AND DO WHAT IS RIGHT. H E MUST SEARCH FOR PEACE [with God, with self, with others] AND PURSUE IT EAGERLY [actively—not merely desiring it].”
‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭3:11‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Remember how I shared last post, that we have to be willing to yield to those “indicators” that Holy Ghost gives to warn us,

of veering off,

out of the Secret Place?

We must turn, from that thing and do what is right.

It’s called repentance.

It doesn’t mean it’s over, and you’re kicked out.

On the contrary, it means restoration.

But I want you to notice something, wedged in between making peace with God and others.

It says to make peace with self.

Brothers and Sisters, we can’t love our neighbors until we love ourselves.

Not in the conceited arrogant way, but also not the woe is me-I’m so stupid way.

Loving ourselves means loving what God loves about us.

The part that He was willing to die for.

The real you.

The Jesus- like part of you and I that got recreated at the new birth.

We are continually turning in towards that conformation.

God knew all about you when He chose to send Jesus and when Jesus chose to die.

He did it because you were worth everything to Him.

He knew what you were capable of becoming.

So, the Holy Spirit turns us around, when we get our eyes off of the real us (the Spirit) and on to the flesh.

The flesh profits nothing.

That includes our attempts to please God apart from Jesus’ finished work.

So making peace with us looks like this.

Holy Ghost, I agree with you that I was in the flesh.

(There is no slide scale on this- flesh is flesh)

I repent, and turn back to the Truth of God’s Love for me.

The payment is greater than the offense.

(That’s true humility. Putting the emphasis back on the Blood, not what you did.)

And now, you have peace, born out of truth.

You’re free, and can now see clearly to set others free.

You realize that Grace put you back together and can put anyone or anything back together!

Making peace with myself may have been one of my hardest struggles.

But this Truth is setting me free.

My sin was great, HIS LOVE WAS GREATER.

Jesus wins!

I’m looking to Him, not me.

That’s who God is looking at.

When He looks at us, and we are found in Him,

He sees Jesus.

And He is pleased.

There is peace.

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