Thankful For The B’s

“Don’t despise small beginnings,” I heard the Lord say on Sunday.

I’m seeing now that He meant not to overlook the “b’s”.

B comes after A.

I tend to want life to go A Z.

That’s right, the other letters can just be thrown out!

But that’s not how God does things.

Line upon line.

Precept on precept.

That’s His style.


Because He deserves the Glory all along.

The b’s are those smaller victories,

celebrated when we actually STOP to smell the roses,

On our way to where we’re going.

Here lately it seemed I couldn’t even see the forest for the trees.

Let as lone the b’s…

I’m blessed.

I’m Healthy.

I have an amazing family and friends.

My Father loves me.

There have been so many little things that God has been doing on my way to where He’s leading.

I thank Him today for the B’s.

And C- Y!

Those are the testimonies of His fingerprints on all of our days.

I was going to do this tomorrow, but while I’m on this train…

I was drawn to my old retainer.

Not that I still have it…

But the example.

Had I worn it, my teeth would still be straight!

They aren’t bad, but they could have been better, had I retained what had been done to them.

Our testimonies of God’s faithfulness from A to Z are like our retainer.

They hold our life in place when our emotions or circumstances seem out of whack.

Praise Him for your b’s today❤️

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