Iron Man

Iron sharpens Iron…

I was looking back over some notes that I took from Holy Spirit and I came across this:

As you can see, these are my thoughts, jotted down on paper.

But focus in with me, on Iron Man.

We know him in the Marvel Movies.

But are we Iron Men?

Do we allow our lives to be sharpened by others?

Do our words and lives sharpen them?

Even though Tony Stark seemed to run the show, he was sharpened and upheld by the other Avengers.

That’s what made them a team.

They honed each other’s skills.

They complimented each other even though they were different.

Romans 12 was the chapter for the day today.

Paul encourages us to activate our grace gifts and use them in the proportion of our faith.

In other words, if your gift is prophecy, prophecy by what you actually see, not what you see others see, or what you blow up in your mind.

Like weight lifting.

I can’t lift beyond what I can actually lift.

I can say I can, but when I go to do it, it will crush me!

Let God use you where you are, and move up from there.

If you’re gifting is hospitality, start with a small lunch invite, not a huge party!

I laugh at Joyce Meyer’s testimony of inviting lots of people over for steak. Only to become annoyed and out of money.

She said she should have just had hot dogs and enjoyed the people she invited!

Start with what is actually in your hands.

Before long you’ll be sharpening, as you’re being sharpened by others, using their gifts to help you as well.

Stay thankful for the iron.

When you compete with others in His body, you’re competing with Him.

And how could we do that? We are already pleasing In Him.

He did the work. 😉

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