From The Heart of My Daughter:

At times, it is difficult to trust the deep, mysterious night,
Although it is beautiful in its own way, at times I find myself afraid of it, because as humans, we fear what we don’t understand—what we don’t see,
But we must remember that God created the day, and the night; seen and unseen,
God created mystery not so we could fear it, but so that we could find Him in it,

I don’t know what could be more beautiful than a sunrise,
After a long night of crying, worrying, and striving, you peer around the room and you see the rays of sunshine slipping through the cracks of the blinds and think to yourself “All is well.”,

The trees stretch out their arms to the sky in praise to their creator,
The birds flap their wings excitedly, and belt out the most glorious songs to the One who never ceases to amaze,
The earth itself beams with excitement as it prepares to be greeted by the beautiful people who begin their day with purpose and pure joy,

Though I enjoy the stars and the moon,
There is nothing I enjoy more in nature than a sunrise,
It means so much more to me than a repetitive pattern indicating another day’s work,

If you look closely at a sunrise, you can see God’s mercy radiating throughout the universe,
If you look closely at a sunrise, you can see a second chance, a new hope,
And most importantly, if you look at a sunrise you can see God’s love for his creation,

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