He slept. He Wept.

He did it all.

He did it all.

For us.

I woke up to this reminder this morning.

Jesus has been tempted in all points, as we are, yet remained pure, without yielding to sin.

He faced storms, yet slept through them, resting in His Father’s Word.

This is the Word I want to emphasize today.


From the time Jesus spoke The Word and what it would do upon each recipient’s heart,

And the time of deliverance on the other side,

Came a storm, to go through.

Brothers and Sisters, that’s not the most sought after topic in the Body of Christ, but it is an accurate Word, and much needed in this hour.

With that being said, He comforts our hearts to take courage.

1.) He is with us.

Jesus was doing what we should be doing in this storm.

Resting in the Word, and then, rising to rebuke the problems.

Only when we Rest in Who we belong to-

The Greater One- The True Ruler of the winds and waves,

Do we realize our ability to rise.

Another witness to this is David.

He rested in God’s presence with the sheep he looked after.

He meditated on how The Lord was His Shepherd.

Then he rose to the occasion of defeating Goliath.

In both instances, fear was spoken to, first.

Both Jesus and David, reminded their peers that there was a GREATER than these giants, fighting on their behalf.

I want to encourage you to rest today.

Rest assured He is with you.

And rest assured that He is fighting for you.

Jesus is not far away.

He is near.

To the fearful, to the weary, to the broken hearted, to the uneasy…

Remember He wept with Mary, all the while knowing He would raise Lazarus from death.

Talk about meeting us where we are.

He is a Very present help in times of trouble-

Leading us to Victory!

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