The Prophetic

The prophetic in and of fitself, is the ability to see beyond what’s in front of, or around you.

Jesus, saw our future, and spoke it into existence.

He told Peter what he would do in John 13.

He told Judas the same.

He also, told you and I.

Every breath of His Word, captures the prophet in Jesus.

His Word is what we’re coming into alignment with.

He’s always calling us higher, into our Future with Him.

Even when He told these two about a portion of their future, One was going to their chosen destination and the other, was being upheld by the Word Jesus spoke over him.

They both, at of “that bread.”

Judas could have chosen different.

I don’t believe he ever trusted in Jesus.

Peter, on the other hand, had just misplaced his faith.

He got his eyes off of Jesus, again, and on to himself.

So, Jesus, peered into his future and spoke over it.

Prophecy doesn’t just declare a problem, it overrides it with the Word and prayer!

What if we were doing that?

Instead of saying only what we see in the here and now?

What if We looked beyond, and peered into the Promises for our lives and the lives of others?

Prophecy actually makes provision for change.

God loves us so much, that He goes ahead of our situations, to meet us there, with the promises we’ve been praying and believing for.

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