On A MISSION (Take Two)

I’ve taken a mission trip this morning without leaving my chair.

I’ve been stirred to pray.

It was actually an answer to my prayers.

I had a challenging situation involving relationships.

It’s not that I don’t commune with Father daily.

I’ve learned to just say what I need to say when I need to say it.

But today, even after a light went off about it a while back,

I’m seeing clearer,

The importance and magnitude of prayer.

Jesus said, “Make it a mission!”

Without going anywhere, you’re affecting the people that need you the most!

The difficulty ones.

The ones who persecute and speak evil, and even curse you.

Make it your mission to pray for them.

I’ve done this before, and it works!

Kinda like how Peter had his eyes open to Jesus telling him to cast on the right side!


He was instantly reminded of how good that worked before.

When you genuinely pray for someone, your mind about them begins to change.

You see them as what they are.

Sought out by God.

That’s why it’s a mission.

There’s never anyone that’s no longer worth it to Him.

They may have done you wrong, I’ll not deny that,




Did you right!

And, if we truly believe that, we can take up His mission and Pray!

So what, if they treated you wrong.?

Look at how Jesus treated you!

He gave up everything to GIVE IT ALL TO YOU.

Fair trade eh?

I challenge and encourage you to come on this mission trip with me.

Turn this thing around for Christ’s sake!

Turn the hit list, into HIS LIST!

All of those people are paid for… pray they come to understand and know it.

Someone prayed for you.

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