But, Weight

Last night I was in the work out room with my man, who is doubling as my personal trainer!

He catches on to things of that nature way faster and is certainly stronger, so it takes me a while to get it!

One particular exercise was frustrating us both.

I wasn’t working my arms right because in reality it was too heavy for me.

So, I chose to drop weight to get the right form.

As I pondered this, Holy Spirit showed me how this is a parallel to hypocrisy.

It doesn’t matter to God that we appear to be lifting heavy, if it isn’t really strengthening that particular muscle group.

It’s better to drop weight:

Sometimes we need to go back to the last place He led us, and make sure we got what it was that He was trying to minister.

I have had this happen recently.

There has been a little booklet by a minister I had gotten a couple years ago.

I read it then, but no spiritual muscle took shape from it.

It may seem like it doesn’t matter either way.

Weight is weight no matter how you move it-

But You’ll know the difference when the fight comes!

If you’ve been working out, or merely lifting heavy!

One is a focus on what you can do,

The other is a working out of what He is accomplishing through you, spiritually speaking.

It takes me back to the Karate Kid.

He felt short changed by Miagi having him just wash his car.

But the technique was where He would be empowered.

Not just how hard he could punch!

Same with us.

It’s the revelation on the Word, not how much Word I can quote!

I encourage you to lighten the load.

It may seem like you’re not accomplishing much.

But that’s just it.

You’re not.

You’re doing what you can really do, and Grace is making the changes to strengthen you for More.

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