Trail Treasures? Or Trail Of Tears?

Remember a few hundred blogs back, when I mentioned the Appalachian Trail video we watched, where we learned of trail treasures?

The hikers who had gone ahead, would leave things behind that had blessed them, or were a beneficial tool along the way.

One of my favorites of course, was a packet of coffee to mix with water.

You have to remain light, as you’re packing, so the smallest of gifts with the greatest of punch would be fantastic.

I consider that sweet treat in the spiritual realm, to be a testimony.

It may only be five words, like Paul said,

but it can pack a punch for someone following behind you!

On the other hand, as I mentioned yesterday, David had a decision to make.

He could either heed Abigail’s testimony of the reminder of Who’s he was,

Or remain bitter about his circumstances and leave a trail of tears.

I’m in no way making light of someone’s troubles.

I’m not saying that it’s ok to be mistreated.

What I am saying, is LET GOD DEAL WITH THAT!

And when He does, we have the trail treat to hand off to others.

This isn’t a sprint my dear brothers and sisters.

It’s a marathon journey.

God didn’t sugar coat it for Elijah and Jesus didn’t sugar coat it for the disciples.

In this world there will be problems.

The journey is long.

Eat up!

Get a trail treat!

If no one else has reminded you today, here is my treat to you,

Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world!

I could leave my trail of tears but what would that benefit you?

We would both quit where we are.

There is always hope.

Jesus has finished this journey.

He has overcome and placed that Seed of Victory in us.


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