Let Patience…..

Patience, like all other things that God deposited through Jesus,

Is already in you.

But you have to let it have it’s perfect work.

Im in my tree stand this morning after missing two deer yesterday.

The first one, I was far from patient.

I was zealous.

The second, missed her too.

But, I recovered both of my arrows, and found out my scope was broken.

But even when we didn’t see the deer in the back of the truck, He was working!

I learned more about patience.

I perceive that even if my scope wasn’t broken, I need to back up and breathe.

Sometimes we jump the gun, (pun intended) especially in relationships.

There were things Jesus said that He needed to tell the boys, but they couldn’t handle it at that time.

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. John 16:12

When the deer was on the move, I should have patiently waited until it stopped long enough for me to make contact.

Some people aren’t ready to hear what you have to say.

It doesn’t mean that its not a Word from God.

Jesus is The Word and He still held off.

Next, I learned about depth perception.

A lot of what God is showing us, is further than what it appears.

Usually when we get the vision, we take action.

And we want others to jump on board as well!

But even Abe and Sarah probably sat around in a hut full of baby gear for those twenty years!!!

Lastly, what brings everything together, is heeding sound wisdom.

Allowing others to speak into your situation, when you’ve shot and missed.

Peter was that guy!

I love his footprints in the Word!

He knew what it was to go it alone and fish all night to no avail.

BUT JESUS, got Him turned back around AND FED the next morning!

My Sweet Prince led me to practice, AGAIN.

And again.

And then, He perceived something was off.

He’s a pretty straight shot!

And even he was missing.

While adjusting the scope he noticed a wiggle.

The whole front lens was loose, causing the cross hairs to move when we shot…

There’s a Word for us in this!

I’m gonna sign off now and let Holy Ghost take it from here…

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