As I sat in the woods this weekend, waiting on my deer to arrive,

(I admit I was getting a bit ancy)

I was stirred to recall the why I started hunting anyway.

I began to rewhyned.

It all started back in 2008.

My husband loves to hunt and had been hunting the prior years with his little brother.

After Brandon’s death, my husband was flying solo.

I wanted to be his help meet.

I wanted to come alongside Him and start sharing the experience like he did with his brother, and friend.

So that first morning was bittersweet for me.

In the 40’s and rainy.

That’s the bitter part.

I had determined,

after grinning and bearing,

that once we came down from our stands,

I would just support my hubby from the warmth of our home-

like I had done all the previous years.

But as we got down and started walking to the truck, we jumped a deer.

It’s amazing how a rushing burst of adrenaline can warm the body in an instant!

I took my first shot off Dust’s knee.

I missed that deer that day, but what I didn’t miss, was another hunting trip.

Now I was hooked.

We shared the passion.

The experience, together.

But even as I’m writing this, Holy Spirit is showing me a few kinks about self.

Was I really still doing it for him?

Or did the uncomfortable circumstances change my mind back to focus on me?

Self is deceiving like that.

Now years later, I’m out in a stand of my own, thinking I’m doing what I’m doing for the right reasons, but missing the why.

God has a way of revealing our hearts in every season.

I had missed a few deer this weekend and it was frustrating to me.

So this train of thought got boarded after I missed.

The train landed in 1 Corinthians 13 like it did a few years ago, when I was missing with my rifle.

If I’m doing anything, but don’t have love…

I’m missing it!

I can prophecy.

I can give until I’m broke.

I can move mountains in faith.

I can burn my body even, as a martyr..

That seems legit..


God’s Love for me, extending to others, I’m nothing.

See, I had a form of God’s Love extending to my husband to comfort Him,

Until it made me uncomfortable.

My extension cord only reached so far.

But God loves us so much.

I believe He put that deer there, that day, to keep me, when I was wavering, and wanted to give up.

Understanding the why someone does something helped.

Now I wasn’t just along for the support.

I was sharing the experience that caused Dust to love the hunt.

What I believe God wants to share with us in all of this, is that we can start off with good intentions.

But the long haul of making the mark, can only be done in Love.

Your why has to be rooted in His Love.

Otherwise it’s short fused and the Word says it’s useless.

Father, I thank you that today is a day of rewhyned. I thank you that you draw us back to your heart. Your why, is because you So loved the world. That’s why you gave. Help us to remember that’s why we give.

In Jesus. For Jesus.

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