Here’s A Quarter-Call Someone Who Cares

There’s been a quarter in our driveway for quite sometime.

I spotted it one day while running.

I run almost daily, and haven’t seen it for several months.

I assumed it got buried, or washed away or snatched up by some little bike rider I know.

But however it manifested, it was there yesterday.

Along with some old honky tonk lyrics.

The lyrics were from someone who didn’t care, but what my Father was trying to direct my heart to see,

Was that the care I was carrying, He wanted to handle from here on.

He also reminded me of this:

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you. 1 Peter 5:7

I’m not saying people don’t care.

What I am saying is Our Father cares like no other.

He knows.

He has provision.

No, He doesn’t will that we perish.

In any situation.

I’d say the image of the boys in the boat on the stormy sea, is a go to example of what it looks like to think Jesus doesn’t care.

But He more than proved He does.

He showed them that day where to cast their cares.

On Him.

Once they got the situation to Him-

He rose up and showed them how to get back to Rest!

So, take this quarter as a reminder of the One who cares for you and is waiting on your call.

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