All Of Your Heart

It’s not just the answer to the test, that Jesus wants to give us.

Although that’s a part of it, He desires relationship with us like a brother or sister.

I used to be good at cramming for tests, but having very little retention on the subject matter.

I find myself the same way in His Word sometimes.

I cram a lot of scripture.

I want my daily bread.

But I perceive Holy Ghost readjusting my focus.

Have I been cramming the Word just to overcome.

Or have I allowed Him to permeate every fiber of my being.



The Word.

His life is The Open Book, to the tests of our life, but am I just using Him to get over things?

I believe that in order for relationships to grow, there has to be a genuine desire to be in someone’s presence and learn more of them.

Not just what they can do for you.

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