The Star

Last weekend, my precious, thoughtful, son, had a gift he just couldn’t wait to give me, and the family until Christmas.

I opened it up and much to my wide eyed reaction, I see a very bedazzled and flashy Christmas tree topper.

A Star.

Now, I’m not the fancy, or the bedazzled type.

I just love to match.

And our tree is decorated in rustic deer antlers and woodland creatures.

So, I fake that motherly smile and pour over him with gratitude, but he could sense the beef and cheese a mile off.

“You don’t like it do you? I can tell.” He said.

What a blessing to me!

His honesty. And the freedom to call me out.

He was right!

But what was the problem?

Why didn’t I like it?

I’ve been pondering on this gift of the star, and the one that collected the distant travelers to lay gifts at the feet of Jesus that night.

Even the Christmas movie, The Star that seemed to be at the right place at the right time for me…last night, as I mulled over my mundane and seemingly wasted day.

I had spent hours on cookies that tasted close to inedible.

And in comparison to my husband that had just braved the elements and saved his work from a power outage,

Or the ministers out selling their books and reaching thousands,

I sat staring into the fire, wondering if I had missed my call.

Surely there’s more to ministry than cookies, woodpiles, and laundry?

Just like the plot of the movie.

I won’t spoil it for you, but I will say that sometimes I can relate to those shepherds, or even that animated donkey who were just part of the mundane sheep watching, and daily grind, that found themselves at the right place at the right time,

Led by A Star.

I go on a little further to ponder or rather realize, that the Star wasn’t even the STAR that night.

Jesus was.

And still is- The Star of our show.

So, even as I’m collecting these thoughts, gazing at this Star from my sweet little man, this morning,

I think,

Maybe too much focus has been on my preferences and what I think things should look like for me-

not on THE STAR.

Issac reminded me, yet, again…we need The STAR to be the focal point.

All of our trees are decorated differently this year.

None will be exactly the same.

The same with our giftings and personalities.

God designed us that way.

We’re all different.

But there is only ONE STAR!

And as we collectively Focus on Him, we will reflect every facet of His Light!

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