I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing….

I don’t want to miss a thing.

Not one single iota of what God is doing through me this day.

This is Psalm 92.

I start every morning in Psalm 91, but a few months ago I was rerouted to 92.

I love what the writer’s heart expresses in his thanks to God.

Depths of purpose and layers of meaning saturate everything God does, He says.

It’s pouring rain today so I’m getting a clear image of saturation.

God wants the world soaked with His Presence.

And it’s, possible, when we move and act!

As I had shared earlier, sometimes we don’t perceive that the most mundane tasks could be saturating the world with his presence, but God is just as much in a phone store as He is in a church building.

God’s business is people so wherever there are people,

That’s where He wants to be!

Think on this.

You and I are His hands and feet.

Everywhere we go, He is, and is Able and ready to Wow!

He’s not looking for you to be a Rockstar, He’s looking for you to be a whosoever will believe His Word.

In the book of Acts, there were some fellas, full of the Holy Ghost that we’re given the job of serving the widows.

Why did they need to be full of power to do that?

Because God wants to meet the hunger of all of His people, not just physically but in every area.

God isn’t cheap.

He brings out the Best in us to serve others, because that’s what He did for us, through Jesus!

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