Right Here Right Now From Red Rocks Worship: Day 1 • Devotional

I just linked the title of this devotional I just seen, as the title of this blog because of the amazing confirmation.

He wants us.

To walk with Him,

Every. Moment.

He restored Eden you know?

He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden back then, and

Jesus Thankfully restored that garden.

Now, you and I don’t have to miss a thing that God is doing in the earth.

From my part of the body, if I’m a pointer finger, I point to the direction God is showing me.

That’s what prophecy does.

He is ahead of the curve so He can show us what’s to come.

We change things that way.

That’s how we work together with Him.

I literally posted Write Here, Right Now, the same day that this Worship devotional came out in the Bible app.

I had actually started writing it as you may have sensed, on December 31.

Both were posted yesterday, at the same time.

It was strategic for me at the time I wrote it, so much so, that I digested and went back to it each day, before I released it.

The testimonies of that day in particular, the turn of a new page,

I believe were prophetic of what’s to come.

If we will pray– pare.

For instance, My little boy and the medicine.

There are a lot of good teachings and prophecies right now, that if taken in the right context, can cause breakthrough in our lives, but too much of a particular topic can cause even more problems.

Ask me how I know.

We have to take every word spoken, back to the Written Word, the instruction manual.

Too many people are running frantic trying to hear a Word from God while God’s Word lay dormant in front of them on their shelves.

Then when they do hear a “word,” they ingest it and then some.

I perceive God is at Work causing all things to work for our Good and for the disposing of too much in this season.

That’s repentance.

Thank you Holy Ghost.

Just like the message of Grace.

So Good.

But taken too far as to say we don’t need to repent,

Can seriously hurt the body.

Jesus said to Repent, from the right hand of the Father, already exalted,

When He addressed the church and it’s leadership in Revelation.

He was instructing them as to what to take the right way and to dispose of the wrong.

When you walk His way, He makes even a worldly system bow down in His presence.

He rebukes the devourer for your sake.

They gave me extra medicine!

Secondly, He showed that He would open doors no man could shut.

It was as if that mail lady was waiting on me!

Before she could close the door!

Church, this is your Father.

He’s not willing that any should perish.

He’s holding doors open for you right now.

You have areas of influence that only you are destined to reach.

Right time. Right place.

Had my day not taken some unexpected turns, I wouldn’t have been strategically standing there to hear that women, that I perceive God wanted to bless.

He needed her to know she was seen, and I was His heart, hands and feet to her that day.


What a Joy to work with Father.

Then, as I finished up His business, others,

He made a way for me to max my previous personal records.

Above and beyond.

Not only did I run further than last year at this time, but then I went downstairs with Dust to experience His record best, and then mine, in weight training.

What we had failed just a few short days prior, we went for again, on the Word of the Lord.

He told Dust we, “were on 10,”

that Tuesday and on Sat, WE WERE!

We went on the Word sent before us.

Grace upon Grace!

Remember How Peter had fished all night in his own strength, But Jesus sent him back out,

On a Word….

And the haul he caught had to have a Partner.

I say all of that, in detail to share what’s in my heart,

Write Here, Right now.

There was a season in the book of Ruth where Boaz had her glean, his fields.

She was partaking.

Just of The fragments.


To get by.

I declare over all those reading this, that this is no longer the season of gleaning, but that of Betrothal!

She became the wife of Boaz.

Totally accessible to everything He had!

How much more, are We, The Body of Christ, married to the King of All Kings.

The CREATOR of that very field Ruth was gleaning from has asked for your hand…….

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