Write Now, Right Now?

I’m all geared up to run.

So, as the Holy Spirit said “Write now,” I was thinking Right now?

My heart for today, even though I’m already in tomorrow in my mind, (Jan 1of 23)

Is getting back to right now.

Not missing anything, today.

Tomorrow isn’t here yet, but there is a laundry list of accomplishments that Dust and I share as goals for before tomorrow.

We have a Max due today in weight lifting.

I want to run my distance.

Taxes were due.

I needed to get to a few more places before they closed.

I had promised Dust I would help him clean the garage.

I could stop there and say Holy Spirit could just show you the depth of value in those physical statements,

Because He often uses the flesh side of things to reveal spiritual matters-

But that would be because I want to do what’s next.

So, I realize, this blog is actually for me.

Didn’t I share yesterday that I don’t want to miss a thing?

And yet, here I am, not a day later, thinking about the pile of things to do before tomorrow.

We can miss things that way.

Instead, I want to tell you what I didn’t miss today.

I didn’t miss a blessing.

Not one beat of God’s heart.

I didn’t miss the awareness of My God’s Presence in all of the things done and what still needs to be done.

My day has felt a bit like Sonic the Hedgehog when he captures all of those golden rings!

First off, after Issac had chewed his medicine instead of swallowing it, and that causing him to dispose of it quickly,

I got to Walgreens, only to have them give me the rest of his medicine!

(He works all things together for my good, and fully restores me.)

Yes.. they gave me his medicine.

Who, but God would do that?

Then, as I got to the post office at 11:07 to drop off my taxes at deadline, the clerk literally met me at the door she was about to close, to take my mail.

Then, I headed to the store and while standing around, seemingly wasting time on my waiting on a cart, I get to overhear a disgruntled associate saying she wished she didn’t have to be serving on New Year’s Eve.

Holy Ghost then prompted me to take her a refreshment and remind her that God sees what she’s doing and refreshes those who refresh others.

I was sure happy she was there to sell me my chicken wings! I told her.

And her eyes began to fill with tears.

“I don’t feel very seen, “she said.

I’m glad I didn’t miss that opportunity.

Let me see, did I miss anything else?

Oh yes, The Word burning in my heart today…

Is what David said,

When his son died.

3 But now he is dead. Why should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he will not return to me.” 2 Sam 12

“I can’t have this baby come back to me,


Loved ones, I don’t know what died for you in 22.

But I do know, that you can still get to It!

Jesus is Here, RIGHT NOW, showing you the way Forward.

One of the biggest challenges I face is in the same context.

David wanted the ones he loved to stay alive and go with him into the next page of his life, but this one didn’t.

Jesus’ brothers wanted him to go back to the worldly way of being honored instead of going forward to the cross.

But Jesus didn’t let where others weren’t, determine where He was, or was headed.

I didn’t come up with that phrase.

Dan Mohler did.

But that truth has turned a page in my heart.

You can’t determine the lives of others, but you can live yours!

And just a teeny glimpse of the next page

David has another, Son, right after that….

His name was Solomon and He was the lineage of THE King…


Look what God did!

Full restoration.

Just like Job’s story, remember?

Don’t keep looking back at what didn’t happen.

Look forward, as you bank the things you don’t want to miss today!

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